Wesbank Vehicle Finance

Buying from a Dealer

The first step towards obtaining your new vehicle is to apply online for finance. You will receive an online credit decision on your application within seconds and upon approval of your application, our professional staff will assist in the validation of your personal information, as well as the contract finalisation and vehicle delivery.

WesBank can also offer you various insurance products that can assist in making the ownership of your vehicle a risk-and-hassle free undertaking.

Buying Privately

WesBank is not only the “dealer bank”. WesBank’s Private Vehicle Finance division specialises in private vehicle sales between individuals, companies trusts and even from deceased estates. Other sales include relationship deals, where a person sells their car to a family member.

We have used our expertise and hard-earned experience to put a number of procedures in place to protect both the buyer and seller. For further peace of mind, we also offer a warranty along with other insurance options and value-added products. In addition, we assist with the registration of your vehicle.

We also finance private sales of classic cars in specific cases. However, the Private Finance division does not finance boats. If you want to buy a boat or jet ski, go to WesBank Leisure Finance.

Leisure Finance

WesBank finances more than just cars. We also finance a range of leisure assets including boats and jet skis, motorbikes, caravans, trailers, and even golf carts. Using our expertise in a practical way, we know how to ensure that your purchase will be high quality. Any dealer or article we approve has passed through a strict appraisal process that vets both the product itself and the level of after-sales support.

You can apply online for finance and receive an online credit decision on your application within seconds. On approval of your application our professional staff will assist in validating your personal information as well as finalising the contract and delivery of your bike, boat, caravan or trailer.

You can also apply for finance at our approved dealers. In addition, WesBank can offer you a warranty and other insurance products to give you ongoing peace of mind.

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